Todd Gross let Go??

Brian Vita
Mon Dec 5 08:30:55 EST 2005

Lou wrote:

>I, too, am not impressed with what I've seen of HDTV in many places.  I keep
>noticing (what look like) "JPEG artifacts" in some scenes, little
>criss-crossed lines in darker scenes, or in scenes where there is not a lot
>of contrast.  It's distracting to me.  Is this a product of inferior
>broadcast, or is it that the TV is a lower-quality HDTV?
The JPEG pixelation is usually an indication of a degraded signal.  
Either you cable is flakey or the satellite feed is weak.

As I said in an earlier post, true HDTV is actually pretty good.  A lot 
of the junk in the big box stores is not true HD.  I don't suggest 
running out to buy anything but if you're near a decent TV joint, take a 
look at some of the higher end stuff.  The quality is there.

Most of the network stuff is HD.  A lot of the local stuff, spots, etc, 
hasn't made the transition yet.  As much as I despise football, seeing 
the blades of grass or the beads of sweat on the player's foreheads was 
pretty amazing.  Watching CSI:  Deluth was pretty cool.  Reruns of MASH 
on the same set looked like crap.

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