Todd Gross let Go??

Mon Dec 5 08:08:55 EST 2005

I, too, am not impressed with what I've seen of HDTV in many places.  I keep
noticing (what look like) "JPEG artifacts" in some scenes, little
criss-crossed lines in darker scenes, or in scenes where there is not a lot
of contrast.  It's distracting to me.  Is this a product of inferior
broadcast, or is it that the TV is a lower-quality HDTV?

By the way, I thought that Todd Gross was one of the premier meteorologists
we've ever had around the Boston area.  He appeared to be a true
weather-geek, never hiding his enthusiasm for all-things-atmospheric.  I
hope he turns up at another local station.  Of course, Todd's name is
immortalized as they used his name as that of the meteorologist in "The
Perfect Storm."


>On 4 Dec 2005 at 22:47, Brian Vita wrote:
> > The sad reality is
> > that folks are going to buy these inferior sets because they don't
> > know any better and they are (relatively) cheap and get turned off to
> > HD.  Your reaction is typical.  Check out a REAL HD set sometime.  The
> > difference is astounding.

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