Todd Gross let Go??

A. Joseph Ross
Mon Dec 5 00:30:05 EST 2005

On 4 Dec 2005 at 22:47, Brian Vita wrote:

> There's a lot of confusion about HDTV.  There's a lot of TV's being
> sold at places like Best Buy and Circuit City that are "HDTV
> Compatible" but not true HD resolution.  They can show the true 16:9
> picture but at a lower res than HD is capable of.  The sad reality is
> that folks are going to buy these inferior sets because they don't
> know any better and they are (relatively) cheap and get turned off to
> HD.  Your reaction is typical.  Check out a REAL HD set sometime.  The
> difference is astounding.

So's the price.  I'll check one out when I win the lottery.

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