Todd Gross let Go??

Brian Vita
Sun Dec 4 22:47:18 EST 2005

A. Joseph Ross wrote:

>On 3 Dec 2005 at 15:53, Laurence Glavin wrote:
>>HDTV is coming...a little touch of pancake makeup may not do the job
>I've seen HDTV in banks, restaurants, and department stores, and I don't really notice much 
>difference in terms of resolution.  
There's a lot of confusion about HDTV.  There's a lot of TV's being sold 
at places like Best Buy and Circuit City that are "HDTV Compatible" but 
not true HD resolution.  They can show the true 16:9 picture but at a 
lower res than HD is capable of.  The sad reality is that folks are 
going to buy these inferior sets because they don't know any better and 
they are (relatively) cheap and get turned off to HD.  Your reaction is 
typical.  Check out a REAL HD set sometime.  The difference is astounding.

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