Todd Gross let Go??

David Tomm
Sun Dec 4 00:40:51 EST 2005

On Dec 3, 2005, at 3:36 PM, R Trovato wrote:

>> Channel 5 is already overloaded with veteran Boston TV
>> meteorologists. I doubt that 25 or 56, both lower budget operations
>> gunning for younger viewers, would be interested in his services.
> First of all I think Todd still exudes youngness"...more than most of 
> the
> other meteorologists.

In comparison to Albert and Leonard, sure.  Not compared to anyone else 
out there right now...
> Second, Gene Lavanchy went from Ch's 7 to 25.

Lavanchy was brought in as the lead anchor to host the morning show.
That's a whole different situation then being just a sportscaster (as 
he was at Channel 7)
or a weather person, and I'm sure his paycheck reflects that.

> I think that says a lot about the channel 7 budgets (i.e. 
> cheap!).....which
> are probably pretty comparable to Fox 25 & 56.

WHDH was number one for a long time with a lower budget newscast.   
NBC's weak primetime
lineup recently and the slipping ratings of the Today show in the 
morning is what's hurting
their news operations right now more than anything else.

> After all, they didn't/couldn't even counter Harvey Leonards offer from
> Channel 5!

They felt they could keep their spot at number one without him.  They 
remained the city's highest
rated newscast for quite awhile after he left.   It wasn't his 
departure that caused WHDH's ratings to
slip.  It was the reasons I mentioned above.

--Dave Tomm
"Mike Thomas

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