the old days: Jess Cain

Chuck Igo
Sat Aug 27 19:03:38 EDT 2005

Dan wrote of John Garabedian
>>He also originated (originates?) a weekly program done before a live
audience from his home in Southboro. The name is/was "Houseparty," or
something like that. I forget which Boston station carried/carries
it--WZLX?, WAAF? Rock music of some stripe and, presumably, off-color
humor. (I can't imagine him doing a program of that type before a live
audience without getting into off-color humor.) <<

Actually, John's HouseParty is still on the air.  KISS in Boston was
airing it, as does WJBQ up here in Portland.  Top 40/CHR.  Very fun
sounding, great guests and the humor is not, from what I've heard,
off-color.  He has that very "Arnie Ginsberg-esque" sound to his
voice... Ageless of a sort.  Lots of celeb drop-ins, either live at the
time or by way of a pre-record.

- -Chuck Igo

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