WKOX goes back to Spanish

Laurence Glavin lglavin@lycos.com
Fri Aug 19 16:55:06 EDT 2005

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> But maybe not --I heard that it was a technical glitch and Ed Schultz
> is back on 1200. (I was just tuning in on my AM/FM/CD portable with
> analog tuning and it sounded like it was back on WKOX, esp. since WESX
> 1230 was right next to it, more powerful (am in Beverly), I think it
> was your post on radio-info that mentioned the "change" but then you
> went back on and said "oops, never mind..."
> Wonder if they intended to change but got a bunch of calls and emails?

The language was Portuguese not Spanish.  I too happened on to
the 'Iberian' lingo on WKOX;  I listened for a few minutes to
discern whether there'd be a station ID for WKOX and some slogan 
or announcement.  Indeed, there WAS a station ID, but for WSRO-AM
650.  I quickly (Fingers Fortescue has nothing on me) toggled
between 650 and 1200 and the programming WAS identical.  But minutes
later an over-programmed PSA came on, followed by Ed Schultz
(this was about 4:30 pm today) so it was probably some kind of
glitch.  Doesn't WSRO transmit from Ashland...how could this
have happened?


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