WSMN did not make the switch today

Dan Strassberg
Mon Aug 15 18:33:19 EDT 2005

It will be a miracle if WSMN returns before the FCC pulls the license.
Anyone who can return to the air within a year an AM that has lost its Tx
site in this part of the country has got to have experience doing just that.
He's got to know the ropes at the FCC, have good connections within the
agency, good connections with the local body that issues building permits,
have a good working relationship with a broadcast consulting engineer, and
good connections in the used-broadcast-equipment market. In this case, the
reported price paid for the dark station was so ridiculously high, we KNOW
that the new owner is naive beyond all reason and doesn't have the requisite
knowledge or connections. He's got only a year from whenever WSMN went dark
to accomplish the job. I think he has at best a 30% chance of success.
Unless he was sharp enough to make his payment to the previous owner
contingent on successfully returning the station to the air under STA, he's
pretty sure to lose his $300,000. For his sake, I hope that sum represents
only a small part of his net worth. Actually, though, losing the $300,000
now might be better than paying it out and then throwing more good moeny
after bad operating the station, which couldn't make money when it was
running full power and will have even a worse chance if it tries to run flea
power on 1590. Returning WSMN to the air this way is the misbegotten idea of
a dreamer.

Dan Strassberg,
eFax 707-215-6367

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> The rebirth of WSMN 1590 Nashua NH, did not take place today (at least not
> as of 4pm). The original newspaper reports indicated that today would be
> the day that WSMN came back on the air.
> John B
> Derry NH

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