Herald: WBZ fires Jonic after FBI story flap

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Thu Aug 4 16:57:36 EDT 2005

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>Subject: Herald: WBZ fires Jonic after FBI story flap
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> Interesting situation here: "(t)he FBI told WBZ that reporting such a
> story would be reckless and could put lives in danger". What's more
> important, our security or freedom of the press? I'd hate to see our
> adversaries take advantage of info like this getting out (security
> flaws at the fed agency) but there's also a chilling effect on the
> press. As the talk radio expression goes, "there's a slippery slope
> here..."

Various news organizations have spotlighted lapses in security numerous
times without recriminations.  The Sunday "60 Minutes" showed how easy it
is to infiltrate chemical plants and refineries;  Bill Moyer's "Now"
ran a segment on the terminal at Long Beach, CA where there are containers
as far as the eye can see, but not the ability to check them for 
contraband;  individual TV stations and newspapers have uncovered gaps in
airport security.  If reporters were hesitant to uncover any deficiencies
in America's security apparatus, radio and TV news would be chock-a-block
with missing blonde stories, movie star infidelity stories and athlete
substance abusers.  We should be thankful that our media have not stooped
to that level!

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