Air America, et al..

Eli Polonsky
Tue Aug 2 12:41:53 EDT 2005

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> The only markets where CC has put AA on dog signals are
> places such as DC and Boston where the dog signals are
> the only ones that CC owns. And we know that CC had no
> intention of 1200 remaining a dog signal. You can thank
> the city of Newton for that.

However, CC had allegedly had other intentions for the 1200
signal when they originally proposed the upgrade to Newton
a few years ago. AA didn't even exist yet, and the word
going around was that they were supposedly planning a new
conservative talk station to boom into Boston and compete
with WRKO, and to move shows that they syndicate (under the
Premiere Networks name) such as Rush Limbaugh onto.

When it appeared that they were stuck with the Framingham
transmitter for 1200, they knew it would not be a viable
signal in Boston for their plans for a conservative talker
to compete with WRKO, so they left it brokered ethnic for
that time being.

Then when AA came around, they decided that they might as
well make 1200 into the west suburban companion AA signal
to 1430, but if they had been granted the Newton site a
few years ago, it's perhaps possible that we might have a
completely different type of talk station on 1200 now.

Eli Polonsky

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