Air America, et al..

Donna Halper
Tue Aug 2 12:07:09 EDT 2005

>Steve wrote--
>As far as AA programming appearing sold out in some markets...I wonder how 
>many are actually sold or if they're just bonus spots (ie-buy a schedule 
>on our 3 FMs and we'll throw in x number of spots on our AM at no 
>charge).  Syndicated programming of any type can be tough to sell.

I know the GM in Phoenix and he told me that these are genuine, real 
commercials from people who just like the format; but another important 
factor is that the station has been very quick to develop its own local 
talent, sending them out all over the place.  The station has a very strong 
presence in the market, and is more than just syndicatioin or satellite 
feed.  I think that local identity has a lot to do with it.    

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