Air America, et al..

Scott Fybush
Mon Aug 1 23:08:53 EDT 2005

> > One day, I called the Stephanie Miller show, and when callers
> > are on hold, they can hear the audio of AM 1150 on Los Angeles.
> > Remember, Steph is on in morning drive there, and they're
> > L-O-A-D-E-D with real advertsing messages.
>I wonder how hard Clear Channel is trying to sell advertizing for those 
>stations.  Could it be
>as Bob suggested some months back, that Clear Channel is signing up Air 
>America on its
>stations in order to kill it?


Reread the statement - 1150 in Los Angeles, a Clear Channel-owned station, 
is "L-O-A-D-E-D with real advertising messages."

CC doesn't sign up ANYTHING to kill it. It signs up whatever it signs up in 
order to make a profit, and if it doesn't think it can make a profit, it 
changes format. The signals on which CC has been putting progressive talk 
(not just AA, and sometimes no AA content at all) keep getting bigger - 
1530 Cincy, the second-best AM in the market; 92.1 Madison and 92.5 San 
Antonio, which are both full-market FMs, and so on.

The only markets where CC has put AA on dog signals are places such as DC 
and Boston where the dog signals are the only ones that CC owns. And we 
know that CC had no intention of 1200 remaining a dog signal. You can thank 
the city of Newton for that.


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