Air America, et al..

A. Joseph Ross
Mon Aug 1 23:02:35 EDT 2005

On 1 Aug 2005 at 15:59, Laurence Glavin wrote:

> Part of the problem is not the number of PSA's but the fact that
> the same ones are played over and over "my dad can
> eat a whole japapeno cherry; no way his head would explode!"


> One day, I called the Stephanie Miller show, and when callers
> are on hold, they can hear the audio of AM 1150 on Los Angeles.
> Remember, Steph is on in morning drive there, and they're
> L-O-A-D-E-D with real advertsing messages.
I wonder how hard Clear Channel is trying to sell advertizing for those stations.  Could it be 
as Bob suggested some months back, that Clear Channel is signing up Air America on its 
stations in order to kill it?

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