Air America, et al..

Mon Aug 1 16:06:14 EDT 2005

Steve & group....I think the point most of you keep missing show 
hosts and writers are paid entertainers.

Their chief goal is to get the highest ratings/most readers they can so that 
they can earn more and more money. While, I'm a fan of capitalism, and see 
nothing wrong with earning all the money you can...what concerns me is 
millions of average Americans follow the "show" these entertainers put on 
daily and take them seriously. Very seriously.

Talk show hosts aren't on the air in order to foster public 
discourse...they're on the air to be entertainers and get paid. It's paid 
show-biz, folks. That's the prime motivation of the hosts and writers. To 
get paid. It amazes me so many of you are missing that fact. 

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