Air America, et al..

Joseph Pappalardo
Mon Aug 1 03:31:08 EDT 2005

> Is it just me, or has this liberal vs conservative discussion become
> a partisan brood of finger pointing?  Frankly I'm surprised our fair
> moderator hasn't asked that we keep things to a dull roar.

It's not a "Liberal vs. Conservative" much as it is a
discussion as to why talk radio has become a sucession of 'rants'....which
many on the board have shown little tolerance for.

Liberal/Conservative has not been the thrust of the point.

I believe that the only way that talkradio can return to civil disourse is
to start realizing that there are indeed people who see the world
differently than we might.  Reaching different conclusions, etc.

Be it right  *OR*  left.

>>conservatives are
evil and liberals are untrustworthy... this latter two being what it
probably appears to be to some readers, not an exact quote.  I'm dealing
with this on my Radio-Info boards.<<

However, I would agree, that seems to be tfoundation of many of the
discussions on .

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