Air America, et al..

Steve West
Mon Aug 1 02:51:43 EDT 2005

Is it just me, or has this liberal vs conservative discussion become simply 
a partisan brood of finger pointing?  Frankly I'm surprised our fair 
moderator hasn't asked that we keep things to a dull roar.

Strangely enough, I'll make this offhand observation:  since Air America 
took to the airwaves, the seething unrest seems now to be bubbling up to the 
top - and now the level of anger is at a full boil toward the hosts and 
supporters... even casual listeners to the various national talk shows on 
both conservative and "progressive" talk formats.  Or, is it just me?

C'mon, Bill O'Reilly lies... Franken does this & that, conservatives are 
evil and liberals are untrustworthy... this latter two being what it 
probably appears to be to some readers, not an exact quote.  I'm dealing 
with this on my Radio-Info boards.

I have the utmost respect for the members of this list... you guys have been 
here for a whole lot longer than just about any other discussion group of 
ANY kind on the internet-- heck, I been with ya since the late 90s, so, I'm 
just wondering if the whole nation is becoming so polarized and defensive 
that the political anger is now spilling into every nook and cranny of our 

Please, don't anyone be angry with me, for I have offended this list a few 
times myself.  I'm simply noting an observation that even the more learned 
among us seem to be at the end of their rope as far as patience with the 
other end of the political spectrum.  Perhaps we DO need a return of sorts 
to the Fairness Doctrine - talk radio is getting us to say things about each 
other and our views that we wouldn't ever have said face to face.  And, to 
my mind, thats really scary to think that we Americans are getting to the 
point that every discussion seems to get people to stand toe to toe with 
people of the opposite political bend and shout face to face.  It's not a 
big leap from there to violence... although I'd hope we're a long way from 

That's all I wish to say, and if anyone would like to discuss this further 
with me, please email me off list.  Donna, my wonderful liberal friend, our 
discussions earlier this year made me seriously ponder many issues... I'd 
really like to know what you're thinking right now.

Thanks for your time...
Steve "West" moderator & webmaster

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