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> in re: Jack or Mike or whomever,
> The real star in all this is 92.5, a very creative mixture of songs that
> are related by theme, artist, composer, or something more arcane. Exactly
> what happened when radio was first on, WNEW in New York and WBCN in Boston.
> Jocks would make playlists that were very creative and showed music
> knowledge and a sense of creativity. And a sense that their listeners were
> important, and that the craft of selecting songs for a playlist is
> important.

I've heard that jocks at River 92.5 get to select two songs per hour,
and even those two have to be in their master playlist database.

Besides those two, the rest of the hour is playlisted song for song.
Perhaps whoever does the playlists may do good creative job, but
it's not the jocks selecting the tunes.

Eli Polonsky

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