Two views on Prog. Talk

Dan Strassberg
Sun Apr 3 13:31:11 EDT 2005

I think the Canadian you are getting on 1200 is CFGO Ottawa. 50 kW DA-2, but
it protects WKOX at night--at least it should if it switches to its night
pattern, which as we all know, has not been a very popular practice among
Canadian AMs for the last decade or so. AMSTNS shows two setups for CFGO
with essentially identical six-tower night arrays. One uses three of the
night towers to form the day pattern; the other uses four. The four-tower
day pattern would provide somewhat better CH protection to WKOX, but neither
day pattern is terrible in that regard. I don't know which setup is the more
recent or whether the newer setup (whichever of the two it is) is on the
air. In AMSTNS, only one setup displays a date and it isn't what I'd call
very useful--August 14 (no year). Aside from discovering that the
application was filed (or granted, or something) on Bastille Day in an
unknown year, I've learned nothing.

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> >Mark wrote--
> >
> > > It does explain why Donna can't hear either station on the South
> > > while I have much better luck with WKOX in Roslindale, even at night,
> > > and while driving on the Mass Pike or Route 9.
> Because I am studying for my PhD out at U.Mass/Amherst, I am perpetually
> the MassPike, it seems.  In the daytime, I can get WKOX (badly, but
> audibly) in parts of Amherst, and it comes in very well in Quincy till
> time for the pattern change.  But at night, when I am driving home from
> Amherst, the station doesn't come in till I am past the route 495 exit on
> the Pike, and even then, it is not very loud or clean till I am well past
> Framingham.  The other night, just out of curiosity, I drove route 9 back
> from Amherst, and the same thing happened-- no WKOX till I was nearly in
> Framingham.   At night, especially in Worcester and also along route
> 93/128, several other signals come in over WKOX, such as The Team 1200 out
> of Canada (I think it's CFCA?  They carry some Fox Sports net and some
> local shows).

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