Hello, _New England_ This Is Howie Carr

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Gene Burns had the same problem.  His show never played well to a national
audience, but did well locally when he was in Boston, New York and now San


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> --Howie's regional focus (do folks in Wichita care about Menino?). He 
> tried to do national but it just didn't work

I don't think folks in Springfield (either one) care about Menino, never
mind folks in Wichita.  Nothing against the guy, but what relevance does he
have for anyone who does not live or work in Boston?

One of the things that pissed me off when visiting Boston while growing up
in Vermont was the attitude on the part of Boston and Bostonians that all of
New England revolved around eastern Mass.  Get a grip guys; the other four
states would get along perfectly well (if not better) without you.


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