Hello, _New England_ This Is Howie Carr

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@myway.com
Sat Apr 2 20:42:34 EST 2005

(i.e., Howie's syndication is now limited to New England, if the affiliate list on his site is to be believed)

Howie Carr has been losing affiliates due perhaps partly to SupeRadio charging for the show. The newly
revised affilate list on his site shows he is now confined to New England (and has also lost stations here, like WVMT in Burlington, VT). In fact 11 stations are listed. It used to be over twice that many. No affiliates in Hartford (supposedly a station in Willimantic CT was carrying him though, but not any more?)...Burlington, VT...Providence...

Howie has been in places ranging from Kansas to Seattle to Utah to
Wisconsin, but not anymore (see below). Maybe it can be blamed on:

--SupeRadio charging for the show (or charging more)

--Howie's regional focus (do folks in Wichita care about Menino?). He tried to do national but it just didn't work

--Presence of hosts like Hannity in the 3-6 pm time slot. more attractive than Howie (and I'm a Howie fan)

Right now, the site lists the following affiliates. Well, at least there's online streaming for those outside of New England:

Boston, MA

WEMJ-AM 1490
Laconia, NH

WKBK-AM 1220
Keene, NH

WXTK-95.1 FM
West Yarmouth, MA

WNTK-99.7 FM
New London, NH

Portland, ME

WTPL-107.7 FM
Concord/Manchester, NH

Springfield, MA

WEIM-AM 1280
Fitchburg, MA

WVOM-103.9 FM
Howland, ME

WEGP-AM 1390
Presque Isle, ME
(Note: the title of my post refers to how he used to open Jerry Williams' show when he filled in for him: "Hello, New England, this is Howie Carr of the Boston Herald and I'm filling in for the Dean today". He probably also said "Good afternoon New England", or something like that, when his show first started syndication.)

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