WLLH-AM's Lowell Transmitter Still Off-the-air

Gary's Ice Cream gary@garysicecream.com
Sat Apr 2 20:14:22 EST 2005

I talked with David Collins (GM of Mega-Boston) on Monday and told him of
the transmitter outage.  He said "I just found out about that this morning -
it will be back on later today <meaning last Monday> - but it is still off.
Rumors I've heard are that the ESPN programming is just a day or 2 away from
starting on both stations.

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Laurence Glavin wrote:

>Lawrence stick (usually 'stick' is used metaphorically, but in this 
>case it's fairly accurate) still provided a pretty good signal along 
>the swollen-but-not-over-its-banks Merrimack River in Lowell.
The Lawrence stick on a roof in Lawrence is still getting it done?  
Who'd a thunkit?  The Lowell site is fairly new by radio standards. I have
to agree that Mega is playing out the string on a shoestring. 
WeLieLikeHeck is in for a challenge capturing local dollars for bird sports
in a market with some of the best sports talk in the biz only 26 miles SSE.

Bill O'Neill

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