Ratings question

Lorraine Smith lorraine6474@usadatanet.net
Sat Apr 2 12:43:12 EST 2005

My daughter & I recently completed the winter book. Yes
after all these years, they asked for our opinions.

The 4 choices for location of listening were; home, car, 
at work and other.

It also went on with something like if you don't know the 
station, put dial location and name of show.

There were a couple of stations (RI & NH) that I listened 
to in the car. I do not know their calls, so I put the dial location
and city of origin.

They also called me almost every day to remind us to keep filling
out the diaries. Then a call at the end to remind us to send them in.
Another perk was several crisp $1 bills.

It actually was fun to track my listening habits. Although during that
week we had a winter storm and some of my time spent listening
was my police scanner and NOAA wx radio vs. actual radio.


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