WGAN radio may drop Rather

SteveOrdinetz steveord@bit-net.com
Thu Sep 30 07:56:30 EDT 2004

  A. Joseph Ross wrote:
>As for something amiss, Marvin Kalb, appearing last week on the 
>Connection, wondered
>whether CBS was set up for this.  His reasoning is that the Bush 
>Administration doesn't like
>Dan Rather and, he said, the Republican campaign was e-mailing the famous 
>letter to
>various outlets while the 60 Minutes II report was still airing.
>I don't know whether CBS was set up, but it sounds at least possible, 
>given what we already
>know about the Republican Dirty Tricks operation.  Prepare an inept 
>forgery, pass it
>somehow to a rabid Bush-hater who won't bother to question it, let him 
>bring it to CBS, and
>then rely on the laziness of present-day journalism to do the rest.

Your last statement was the key.  CBS was guilty of sloppy 
journalism.  They got fed some dirt and put it on the air without verifying 
it's authenticity.  They set themselves up for this.

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