WGAN radio may drop Rather

rogerkirk rogerkirk@mail.ttlc.net
Thu Sep 30 01:48:56 EDT 2004

"A. Joseph Ross" wrote:
>Marvin Kalb, appearing last week on the Connection, wondered 
>whether CBS was set up for this.  <snip>
>I don't know whether CBS was set up, but it sounds at least possible, 
>given what we already know about the Republican Dirty Tricks 
>operation.  Prepare an inept forgery, pass it somehow to a rabid Bush-
>hater who won't bother to question it, let him bring it to CBS, and 
>then rely on the laziness of present-day journalism to do the rest.

>The payoff is that they discredit CBS and Dan Rather and have everyone 
>talking about the forgery, rather than about Bush's dodging his 
>National Guard service.

I'm waiting for standard GOP response: "That's ludicrous, preposterous and pure nonsense!"  Just dismiss it offhand.

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