Air America dumped in Portland

Wed Sep 22 09:26:23 EDT 2004

Bob Nelson wrote:

>Actually some on the left want to squash right-wing talk radio by bringing 
>back the Fairness Doctrine, it's said. Opie and Anthony (yes, them) will 
>be on Sean Hannity's show tomorrow (both his radio show and FNC's Hannity 
>and Colmes, I believe) and they'll talk about
>"just how far is too far?"

Or use the platform to hype their new XM (or is it Sirius?) show?  I'm 
still not sure those 2 bozos get the concept of "too far".

>Hannity is hoping Michael Moore will debate him in Arizona ("we'll
>donate the proceeds to charity") but so far Moore's people are
>refusing. Actually wouldn't it be interesting to have such a
>debate on TV or radio?

It'll never happen.  Moore is nothing but hot air and half-truths.  He 
wouldn't last 5 minutes in a debate.

Tony Schinella added....
>I miss Jerry Williams so much.

I don't.  To me he was every bit the pompous windbag as the hosts we have 
today.  Ahead of his time perhaps, and definitely a lot less dull than his 
contemporaries, but I don't recall a lot of intelligent discourse on his 
show either.  Remember his whole anti-seat belt law campaign.  OK, he got 
his law repealed and now we have %^$^ air bags in our cars.  Thanks a lot 

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