Air America dumped in Portland

Bob Nelson
Wed Sep 22 03:23:02 EDT 2004

>>I still can't figure out why some right-wingers are so afraid of another point of view being aired. 

Actually some on the left want to squash right-wing talk radio by bringing back the Fairness Doctrine, it's said. Opie and Anthony (yes, them) will be on Sean Hannity's show tomorrow (both his radio show and FNC's Hannity and Colmes, I believe) and they'll talk about
"just how far is too far?" Who knows, maybe hoaxes about the
mayor dying in a car crash...could that be too far?

Rush has also railed about the possibility of the Fairness
Doctrine "killing (conservative) talk radio". Who knows which
side is right (time perhaps to discuss...get the full story.)

Hannity was saying, "We don't mind having the liberals with their
own network--bring it on. Let them compete." Meanwhile, when
the Swift Boat controversy started, some wanted the ads to be taken off the air and the John O'Neill book to be taken off the shelves.
So much for free speech; liberals get to have their say but
conservatives, no... though there probably have been times
when right-wingers have asked for similar bans.

Hannity is hoping Michael Moore will debate him in Arizona ("we'll
donate the proceeds to charity") but so far Moore's people are
refusing. Actually wouldn't it be interesting to have such a 
debate on TV or radio?

No banners. No pop-ups. No kidding.
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