Boston DJ Pic Headlines Paper In Sticks!

Tue Sep 21 10:25:05 EDT 2004

Michael Burns (Sunday Morning Country Oldies on WKLB) appeared at CampAmerica RV Sales in Kingston, NH and his (quite large) picture was Top Front Page in the Carriage Town News (Kingston, NH) along with a plug for the show, his partner Stu Fink and the request line number.

Great PR Job!  Good (almost) Local Radio!  And a trump of WOKQ in their own backyard.

Full disclosure:  I live in the sticks!  

A community of 3,000+ and we don't have full-time radio station.
But we do have a world-renowned Meteorologist. :)

(Fremont NH is, however, rapidly becoming 
another Mass bedroom community - Arrrgggghhhh)

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