music and politics on radio

Donna Halper
Sun Sep 19 15:13:09 EDT 2004

>Garrett wrote--
>I do not think it is smart for music-oriented radio stations to pay
>much attention to the political views of musicians.  If station
>ownership does not support those views, the best way to call attention
>to them is to make an issue of it in the playlist.  Doing so may
>satisfy some foamers, but (particularly if it is reported in local
>media) may also offend many previously satisfied listeners.  It's not
>worth the risk.  Better to keep political statements in the political

But aren't some formats, such as country and album rock, often very 
political?  I recall from my days in AOR that we often played anti-war 
songs during the Viet Nam era.  It was very common at the majority of album 
rockers to do so.  And if I had worked at a country station back then, I 
would have expected to play patriotic songs, because those were the 
hits.  But I am not sure owners or programmers should make that decision 
for their listeners-- aren't listeners capable of accepting or rejecting a 
song, even if it has a controversial message?    

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