music and politics on radio

Bill O'Neill
Sun Sep 19 12:42:22 EDT 2004

> So how do we avoid letting a small group of rightwingers,
> leftwingers,
> gays, straights or whoever makes the most angry phone calls
> drive what we
> program?  It seems that some stations have become sooo
> reactive that the
> moment they get a couple of upset callers, the song gets
> pulled.  Is this
> just the continued over-reaction to the Janet Jackson/FCC crackdown?

Hmm, how about a reemergence of some <gasp> public affairs elements to the
format clock where these factors are actually brought front and center.
Remember when WBCN Boston was politically responsive?  They didn't relegate
such topics just to Sunday morning. If the medium is the message, we're only
getting half of it.

Bill O'Neill

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