Entercom flips NY talker to Air America

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@myway.com
Sat Sep 18 12:21:26 EDT 2004

>>Hannity is not heard in the Burlington-Plattsburgh market

I thought he was on 1420 WRSA in St. Albans (sister station
of AA affiliate WTWK 1070)--well, maybe that's what Hannity's site said. Also, on 100000watts.com it says:

(WRSA 1420)
Format: Talk
Shows: Doug Stephan, Dr Laura, Mike Gallagher, Sean Hannity

(but maybe he's gone from there?)

When I was up there in August, I had 1420 on as I drove through St. Albans (and saw their studios on Main Street); the country station they also own (WLFE 102.3) had been knocked off the air temporarily due to a storm so the country  morning host was sitting in on WRSA
with their morning host.

>>Laura Ingraham is now carried on WVMT (620 Burlington) up against Rush on WXZO (96.7)

When I was there, she was on 10 am-1 pm (the "9 am" hour she
did was tape delayed till 12:20 pm or so, after "Paul Harvey
News", and that's what their site says as well. If she's in those
hours, she's only competing against Rush's first hour.

>>Hannity could easily blow away ...Don and Mike. He'd be up against Carr(WVMT) and give the demo an alternative. 

Surprising the #2-rated national host isn't on 96.7/960! Yes,
he really should be on.

>> Interestingly, Air America is tanking here, albeit on a weak Burlington area signal (1070?), amidst a dog-leg to the left liberal constituency.  Why? Less a matter of philosophy, more about just poorly executed talk radio, hands down

As I've said I only heard a bit of Franken when I was up there
but didn't quite get into it. A tape trader in Southern Cal. sent
me some KLSD (radio to drop acid by?) from San Diego and the few minutes I've heard of Ed Schulz (so far) aren't all that bad...compared
to Al. This time it was a liberal host kinda talking over a conservative caller, which is not what I'm used to...but at least both sides getting on I guess :)

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