Peter Murray
Thu Sep 16 23:36:40 EDT 2004

On Thu, 16 Sep 2004, Rod O'Connor wrote:

> Speaking of WSYY tower. They seem to be broadcasting at lower power
> lately, maybe even from another site or their old tower. Their signal
> doesn't interfere with WHOM as much as it used to.

I certainly hope it is just a lower power situation, as they have 
no other licensed FM facility with which to work. They have an old Harris 
3-bay (tuned to 97.7) on their original tower that they have used a number 
of times when there have been troubles with the Hammond Ridge site.


> Keep an eye on the Magic City News internet page for latest in the legal
> developments on WSYY.
> Good excuse to take a day trip up there to investigate for myself. Last
> hiked up to their tower on Hammond Ridge a couple summers ago.

Indeed - there is not much view from up there (trees are pretty thick). 
They don't get up there much either, as I had to point out to them that 
several of the bays of their 10-bay Shively antenna had come disconnected 
from the tower (and were thus being supported by the hardline).

The concept of requiring one's entire business to rely upon the ability to
continue renting a critical or irreplacable asset is a methodology I would
recommend to all my competition.


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