WDEA-1370 STILL off the air.

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> To play Devil's Advocate here...(snip)

Excellent word choice here...

>(unsnip)...it has long been recognized here
> in the Northeast that both local custom and local wisdom dictate
> "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"  And quite frankly that extends
> to luxuries like preventive maintenance.

Except these decisions are likely made in Atlanta.

Preventative Maintenence is not a luxury.  Staying on the air, is a
necessity.  Even without that, bulldoze the place, cut down the towers,
whatever the problem,  should not result in 24 days off the air. Can anyone
remember any station being off the air that long after the ice storm?  Or
for any other reason?

The Dudmans, while not native downeastahs, managed to keep the place in
business and on the air for many years.

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