The Mouse Strictly Analog (For Now)

Dan Strassberg
Mon Sep 13 20:20:47 EDT 2004

Remember that Disney owns WDZK 1550 Bloomfield-Hartford. If both WQEW and
WDZK were to run HD Radio, that would be a REAL case of unholstering a gun
and shooting yourself in the foot (or someplace higher and more painful). I
think that in places like, say, Hamden or maybe Middletown, each Radio
Disney would make the other unlistenable, so neither would be listenable.

Dan Strassberg,
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> At 03:51 PM 9/13/2004 -0500, Laurence Glavin wrote:
> >WMKI-AM 1260's brief bout of HD broadcasting may have been
> >the beginning of a testing period.  It's been strictly analog
> >on Sunday and Monday.  The audio Saturday was very low,
> >and their format requires everything to be LOUD LOUD LOUD!
> >Obiter dictum:  Disney wouldn't be thinking of introducing
> >HD on just ONE of their may be time to monitor
> >WQEW!  (AM 1570 in Riverhead get ready)
> 'Cept for one little thing: Disney doesn't own WQEW, and I rather suspect
> that WQEW's owners don't have much interest in making that sort of upgrade
> to their facilities, even if Disney's paying (which they wouldn't be,
> it's not their transmitter site.)
> In any event, the daytime signal from WQEW is long gone before you get
> within listenable range of 1570 Riverhead, if 1570 Riverhead is even on
> air. I'd be much more concerned if I were WNTN and it were early in the
> morning or late in the afternoon on a nice chilly winter day...that
> top-of-the-dial skywave is LOUD.
> s

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