The Mouse Strictly Analog (For Now)

Scott Fybush
Mon Sep 13 17:39:39 EDT 2004

At 03:51 PM 9/13/2004 -0500, Laurence Glavin wrote:
>WMKI-AM 1260's brief bout of HD broadcasting may have been
>the beginning of a testing period.  It's been strictly analog
>on Sunday and Monday.  The audio Saturday was very low,
>and their format requires everything to be LOUD LOUD LOUD!
>Obiter dictum:  Disney wouldn't be thinking of introducing
>HD on just ONE of their may be time to monitor
>WQEW!  (AM 1570 in Riverhead get ready)

'Cept for one little thing: Disney doesn't own WQEW, and I rather suspect 
that WQEW's owners don't have much interest in making that sort of upgrade 
to their facilities, even if Disney's paying (which they wouldn't be, since 
it's not their transmitter site.)

In any event, the daytime signal from WQEW is long gone before you get 
within listenable range of 1570 Riverhead, if 1570 Riverhead is even on the 
air. I'd be much more concerned if I were WNTN and it were early in the 
morning or late in the afternoon on a nice chilly winter day...that 
top-of-the-dial skywave is LOUD.


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