"Barnraising" For Portsmouth, NH LPFM

rogerkirk rogerkirk@mail.ttlc.net
Mon Sep 13 15:24:02 EDT 2004

"Laurence Glavin" wrote:

>Prometheus Radio, an advocacy group for low power FM's, 
>is having what they call a "barnraising" for the low-power
>FM assigned to Portsmouth, NH, WSCA-LP, 106.1.

I find one of the comments in the PrometheusRadio.org's
FAQ just a bit intriguing:

"Many Ham-Radio people are crypto-militia wingnuts, but 
most at least have a strong libertarian streak ... and 
if they can go around spending your money on getting 
good deals for towers and whatnot, they will put them 
up for a case of beer."

If find this a rather strange comment.  What would be
the basis for this claim?  Any Hams on-list care to 
comment (low-temperaturedly)?

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