Herald: Air America on WKOX, WXKS (AM)

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Sun Sep 12 21:13:01 EDT 2004

Yes and yes, although WJIB will continue to lose (or not pick up) listeners
because it carries Radio France International in AM drive (7:00 AM to 9:00
AM). If my barber, Frank Guarino, whose radio has been tuned to WXKS (AM)
for the nearly 20 years I have been his customer, is any indication, some
listeners will tune to WMJX rather than to WJIB. When WXKS carried brokered
talk (American Express Financial), Frank would switch to 106.7 rather than
to 740--notwithstanding that the barbershop is on Concord Ave in Belmont
Center approximately 1-1/2 miles from WJIB. Since Frank opens his shop at
around 7:45 AM, he is now likely to start out with the radio on 106.7 and
just leave it there all day. The location is close enough to WJIB that,
after sunset in the winter, WJIB's 5W night signal would be no problem for
Frank to pick up--if he would only tune to 740. When WXKS flips, some
listeners will doubtless tune in to WPLM-FM, but Frank's shop is in a
basement, and I don't think his radio can get the 99.1 signal. Maybe Bob
Bittner should start patronizing Frank's shop. It's not out of Bob's way.
Maybe he could convince Frank to switch to 740. I've tried repeatedly, but
to no avail.

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