How big media shortchange the public

Dave Faneuf
Sun Sep 5 21:23:01 EDT 2004

How big is this guy in this country?
-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine"
I'm glad to see that some things just haven't changed since I've been
One more time.  The point of the story...Media is not doing it's job! 
All Media...  
Pick on Bush and the Republicans....yep, guess what, they're in power...
Don't wanna hear about things going on in other parts of the
world....(self censored comment)...
I read from the tone of the posts that everyone is extremely pleased with
the coverage of issues and that in your opinion, things coming out of
newsrooms have never been better or more accurate.  
I'm happy for you. ;-)
"Over and out".  
(actually an incorrect statement since "over" means you are waiting for
something to respond to and "out" means you've ended comms.

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