How big media shortchange the public

Daniel Billings
Sun Sep 5 17:53:14 EDT 2004

How about over-covered stories?

I have heard three different stories this summer on NPR about a Jamaican
musician whose name, I think, is Beanyman or something like that.
Apparently this guy has anti-gay lyrics in some of his songs.  At least one
appears to advocate killing homosexuals.  He was scheduled to tour the U.S.
this year and the gay advocacy groups, understandably, are upset about
American companies sponsoring his tour.

So maybe this is news but I never would have heard of this guy or his
bigoted views if NPR hadn't  covered him.  But they found time to do at
least three stories about him -- my guess as a result of press releases and
calls from gay advocacy groups.  I doubt press releases about anti-Christian
lyrics would get as much attention at NPR.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

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