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Dan Strassberg
Wed Sep 1 06:39:10 EDT 2004

Joking, right? I've been a member of NRC for about 10 years and in all
that time, in DX News, the club magazine, I don't think I've EVER seen the
name of a female contributor. I wonder whether the NRC has any women
members. Certainly if that female engineer who helped to build WGI, the
AMRAD station in Medford back in the 20s were still alive, she'd be an NRC
member. (Donna has written volumes about her, but I can't recall her name.)
There is nothing about DXing that should make it such a completely
male-dominated hobby. Several women engineers contribute regularly to Barry
Mishkind's Broadcast Engineering mailing list, but these are people who WORK
in radio and TV. Although they may also be radio hobbyists--many who work in
the industry are--these women contribute to Barry's list because of their
professional connection with the industry--not because they are hobbyists,
if, indeed, they are. So, anyhow, do you think a get-together of an all-male
group of geeks/geezers qualifies as "party time?" The conventioneers may
have some fun, but it doesn't sound like partying--at least it doesn't to
me. (OK, the attendees may include a few members' wives who reluctantly
allowed themselves to be dragged along to the convention.)

Dan Strassberg,
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> Party time!

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