WGIR: ESPN Sox coverage instead of Joe and Jerry?

A. Joseph Ross lawyer@attorneyross.com
Sun Oct 24 13:48:07 EDT 2004

On 24 Oct 2004 at 11:22, David Tomm wrote:

> The reason you got the ESPN feed is because ESPN owns the broadcast 
> rights to the World Series.  The flagship stations of each team are 
> allowed to use their own announcers, in this case WEEI and KMOX/St. 
> Louis, but everyone else gets ESPN.  In Providence, WPRO-AM is a Red Sox
> affiliate, but WSKO-AM & FM in that market aired the game instead because
> that station is an ESPN radio affiliate.  My guess is that most Sox
> affiliates got to air the ESPN feed with only a few exceptions.
If I recall correctly, back in the 1967 World Series, the games were on WCOP, which was 
the NBC affiliate at the time, and not on WHDH, which was the usual Red Sox station, 
because it was NBC that had the rights to the World Series.  It is a change since then for 
the team's local station to be able to broadcast the series, too.

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