is this broadcast censorship?

A. Joseph Ross
Sun Oct 24 13:48:07 EDT 2004

On 23 Oct 2004 at 23:30, gic wrote:

> I am somewhat surprised that no one has mentioned the fact that Mayor Tom
> "mumbles" Menino has passed an executive order that tv cameras and
> reporters will not be allowed in bars during the world series.  What the
> hell gives him the right to say where cameras and reports can and cannot
> be filed from? Its none of his business.  If government gets away with
> this, it will a short hop to telling the media what they can and cannot
> report about, at least in my opinion.  The medias silence on this really
> surprises me.

Well, first of all, he can ask the TV stations and networks to cooperate voluntarily for the 
sake of public safety.  Second, he or his appointees control the conditions of the bars' 
license renewals.  If the bars don't want to abide by his orders, they may have trouble 
keeping their licenses.  And if anyone shows up with TV cameras, it will be the bouncers at 
the bars who will keep them out.

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