is this broadcast censorship?

Sun Oct 24 00:24:11 EDT 2004

A bar is also a public gathering place and to exclude the press strikes me 
as being just another liberty being stripped away.  Sounds like the USSR in 
the 60's.

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> At 11:30 PM -0400 10/23/04, gic wrote:
>>I am somewhat surprised that no one has mentioned the fact that Mayor Tom 
>>"mumbles" Menino has passed an executive order that tv cameras and 
>>reporters will not be allowed in bars during the world series.  What the 
>>hell gives him the right to say where cameras and reports can and cannot 
>>be filed from? Its none of his business.  If government gets away with 
>>this, it will a short hop to telling the media what they can and cannot 
>>report about, at least in my opinion. The medias silence on this really 
>>surprises me.
> I don't think it's censorship.  A bar is private property, but licensed by 
> the state to sell liquor.  The owner of a bar can exclude anyone he/she 
> wishes (as long as it doesn't violate discrimination laws), including 
> reporters and camera crews.  The mayor's order is not directed at TV 
> crews, but rather warns the bar owners that they risk their licenses if 
> they allow TV crews in their establishments. This is much the same as the 
> government requiring your ice cream stands to meet standards of sanitation 
> and food preparation, in order to insure public safety.
> The government licenses establishments to sell liquor, and as such has 
> control over the environment and circumstances of such sales. Selling 
> alcohol is a privilege and not a right.
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