is this broadcast censorship?

Matt Higgs
Sat Oct 23 23:48:13 EDT 2004

Why arn't they allowed in bars? That makes no sence.

On Sat, 23 Oct 2004 23:30:45 -0400, gic <> wrote:
> I am somewhat surprised that no one has mentioned the fact that Mayor Tom
> "mumbles" Menino has passed an executive order that tv cameras and reporters
> will not be allowed in bars during the world series.  What the hell gives
> him the right to say where cameras and reports can and cannot be filed from?
> Its none of his business.  If government gets away with this, it will a
> short hop to telling the media what they can and cannot report about, at
> least in my opinion.  The medias silence on this really surprises me.
> g

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