Howie Carr Syndication/Affiliates....whats the Deal? ;-)

Sat Oct 23 07:31:00 EDT 2004

Joseph Pappalardo wrote:
>Does anyone know what kind of deal Howie's syndicator (now Superadio) makes
>with it's affiliates?
>Outside of a few pretty good New England outlets where he is most
>relevant..most of his stations appear to be very small stations in very
>small markets.  (i.e... 1KW on the outskirts of a market, etc.)
>Anyone  know the specific of the deal a station has to make to get the Howie

AFAIK it's no different than most syndicated talk shows...the show is free, 
you must run the network spots.  I'm sure the fact that he tends to be on 
smaller stations factors into the price that the network charges per spot, 
though networks have often been known to inflate the market WTPL (Hillsborough/Concord, N.H.) carried Bill O'Reilly 
his website listed them as a "Boston" affiliate.  Of course with Kiss 108 
being a first adjacent there was no chance you'd hear them inside of 495, 
but they probably didn't tell the fine folks at Gold Bond powder that.

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