Clueless people

Steve West
Mon Oct 18 05:19:28 EDT 2004

He then tells me  "oh thats not that
>big!  Market #54 thats pretty small.  I'm gonna go up
>to a big market, like Burlington VT!"  I could not
>believe my ears!!  A mass comm upperclassman, who
>thinks Burlington VT is a big market but Rochester NY
>is not, even though Rochester's ADI has about 3 times
>as many people.
>     I guess some people just don't get it.

I gotta chuckle over this one.  What I don't 'get' is why anyone would pay 
for an education to get into an industry that will only return minimum 
wages, at least for the first few years.  I'd tell both of you to steer 
clear and go find a job that pays!!!

I love radio, mind you, but this ain't the same radio biz I got into in 

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