Is it management or is it phishing?

Laurence Glavin
Sun Oct 17 13:16:27 EDT 2004

>From: "Dan Strassberg" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: Is it management or is it phishing?
> As many of you know, I am a frequent poster at, as are
> several other members of this list. This morning, after writing and editing
> a posting for the Boston board, I clicked on "Continue," expecting to see
> the final review copy of my posting. Instead, I was presented with a LONG
> questionnaire in which most questions were preceded by a red "greater-than"
> symbol, indicating that answers were required. At the top was a statement
> that my user profile was incomplete and at least a suggestion that
> radio-info needed more complete info on me if I was to be allowed to
> continue submitting postings. One of the questions requested my birthdate
> (month and date only--no year). Even without the year, however, my antennae
> went up. This is the kind of information that can be (and often is) used in
> identity theft. So, without clicking on "Submit," I shut down the browser
> and the PC.
> This afternoon I returned to radio-info, expecting not to find my latest
> posting because I had failed to submit the questionnaire. I was surprised to
> find the posting. So I went to the "Ask Radio-Info" sub-board with the
> intention of submitting a posting similar to this one asking whether the
> questionnaire originated with management or whether someone
> with malicious intent had hacked the board and inserted a phishing page for
> the purpose of gathering users' personal information. This time, after
> entering my posting and clicking on "continue," I was greeted with a
> 404--Not Found page, after which I could no longer find the posting I had
> just finished writing.
> In my posting, I had suggested that, if the site managwement was indeed
> responsible for the questionnaire, they should review the questions to see
> whether all of them are really necessary and that, if indeed, the site
> management is intent on gathering more complete information on users, they
> should post a notice where all users of the site are likely to see it
> warning that posters can expect to have to fill out this questionnaire.
> After this morning's experience, I looked around the site for such a notice
> and could not find one. In today's Web environment, users have every reason
> to be suspicious. Sites that ask too many questions will turn away their
> users and find themselves with no reason for existence.
> --
> Dan Strassberg,
> eFax 707-215-6367
Some time ago, I willingly entered such information to
such newspapers as the New York Times, Washington Post
and Dallas News (the latter to follow the attempt to
force the City of Dallas to sell classical WRR-FM);
now whenever I click through on a link to a newspaper that
then requires registration, I say ENOUGH because nowadays
one never knows who gets this information and
what they do with it.  The next time something
from instigates a reply by me,
I'll check to see if this happens, and then if it
does, I'll do what you attempted to do.

Laurence Glavin

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