Stern dollars

Bill O'Neill
Fri Oct 8 14:01:06 EDT 2004

Rick Kelly wrote:

>Stern is now in his mid 50's; I wonder how much
>longer he can do his act and maintain listenership... before he
>becomes passe'?
Let's face it, sooner or later he's going to be even more of a 
caricature of himself than he already is.  He and his staff must be at 
critical mass in terms of financial independence. 

Stern has hung his cans on being the "bad boy" and in busting management 
and all that goes with it.  Once on Sirius, with free reign to do 
_anything_, and being answerable to no one but himself, where's his beef 
then?  Does he go political like Imus has? Nope?  Does he have even more 
naked women in his studio?  The older he gets, the younger the women 
will seem and there could be an ick-factor.

Bill O'Neill

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