Stern dollars

Rick Kelly
Fri Oct 8 13:09:23 EDT 2004

On Fri, 08 Oct 2004 06:36:19 -0400, Bill O'Neill <> wrote:

> Just tuned over to Stern and he's pushing his new medium.  In typical
> Stern style, he predicted that sat radio will blow up FM in five years.
> He likens his planned move (as are some columnists) to Uncle Milty
> moving to television from radio.

Berle certainly set the world on fire on early TV, but as the 1950's
wore on he and his act became less and less popular as more
competition came on.  Stern is now in his mid 50's; I wonder how much
longer he can do his act and maintain listenership... before he
becomes passe'?
Rick Kelly

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