Stern dollars

Fri Oct 8 07:41:58 EDT 2004

Bill O'Neill wrote:

>Just tuned over to Stern and he's pushing his new medium.  In typical 
>Stern style, he predicted that sat radio will blow up FM in five years.
>He likens his planned move (as are some columnists) to Uncle Milty moving 
>to television from radio.

I'd like some of whatever it is Stern is smoking.  While satellite radio is 
a good place for shock jocks like him, Bubba the Love Sponge, Dopey & 
Anthony and others of their ilk, I can't see it "blowing up" FM anytime 
soon, if ever.  If anything "blows up" terrestrial radio it will be IBOC.

I'm amazed that his "persecuted artiste" schtik has held up all these 
years.  Would serve him right if the move bombed badly.

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