Stern dollars

Bill O'Neill
Fri Oct 8 06:36:19 EDT 2004

A. Joseph Ross wrote:

>Their contract with Stern may well allow them to take him off the air 
>but keep him under contract to them for the duration of the contract -- effectively keeping him 
>off the air for the next 15 months.
Just tuned over to Stern and he's pushing his new medium.  In typical 
Stern style, he predicted that sat radio will blow up FM in five years.  
He likens his planned move (as are some columnists) to Uncle Milty 
moving to television from radio.  Early challenges, he cites, are 
detractors concern that Stern, unlike Opie & Anthony, will not cost 
extra for that channel, essentially being equally accessible to kids as 
the kid channels, etc.  The "subscriber" defense seems solid enough to 
quell that, IMO.

Bill O'Neill

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